Pyroclastic flows and surges




Barker, Daniel S.

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One of a series of images with descriptions of igneous and volcanic geological features in field environments.


Volcanology, Field geology, Field photography, Volcanic rocks, Igneous rocks, Eruption clouds, Cross bedding, Dunes, Blocks, Kilbourne Hole, New Mexico, Haroharo caldera New Zealand, Cerro Colorado tuff ring, Pinacate volcanic field, Sonora, Mexico, Volcanic vent, Crater Elegante, Sonora, Mexico, Burro Mesa, Big Bend National Park, Texas, Cannetto, Lipari, Italy, Herculaneum, 79 AD eruption of Vesuvius, Boatman's Harbour, South Island, New Zealand, Keith Bell, Pahoehoe, Santiago Island, Galapagos, Tent Rocks National Monument, New Mexico, Kirt Kempter, Pulvermaar, West Eifel district, Germany, Mount St Helens, Washington, Kilauea, Hawaii, Kau desert, Hawaii, Oplontis, Italy, Roman villa, Flow, Surge, Particle gradation, Fining upward sequence, Welding, Battleship Rock Tuff, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, Canyon fill, Bedding plane, Owens River Gorge, California, Etruscan coffin, Roman amphitheater, Sutri, Italy, Gomez Tuff, Madera Canyon, Davis Mountains, Texas, Rhyolite Canyon Tuff, Chiricahua National Monument , Arizona, Salt Lake Crater, Oahu, George P. L. Walker, Santana Tuff, Lajitas, Texas, Kanuka Road, North Island, New Zealand, overturned beds, 186 AD Taupo eruption, New Zealand, spalled lava, Burro Mesa Pouroff, Big Bend National Park, block-and-ash flow, fine-grained matrix, Keyhole Falls, British Columbia, Puy de la Tache, Mont Dore, France, Bandelier Tuff, Dissected plateau, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, Pyroclastic flow delta, Augustine volcano, Alaska, Pyroclastic flow, Pyroclastic surge, Bulk density, Magma discharge rate, Buoyancy, Lava dome, Volcano flank collapse, Pyroclastic density flow, Stratification, Antidunes, Accretionary lapilli, Steam, Bombs, Impact sag, "Ballistic" parabolic trajectories, Erosion, Maar, Rock fragments, Mosaic floor, Slump, Mud lump, Eroded dunes, Footprints, Dune crest, Airfalls, Airfall, Tree trunk cast, Volcanic hazard, Deformation, Lava, Wingertsberg, Laacher See, Germany, Pumice, Fiamme, Folds, Tree trunk mold, Ignimbrite ("fire cloud rock"), Drape

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