Data Collection Plan For Geological Remote Sensing in the Volcanic Terrain of Trans-Pecos Texas, ASVT Test Site 5

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Finley, Robert J.
Baumgardner, Jr., Robert W.

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This document describes a ground and aircraft data collection plan to be carried out as part of the Texas Applications System Verification and Transfer (ASVT) Project, which is a joint effort of the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) Task Force and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Texas Department of Water Resources/TNRIS has contracted with the Bureau of Economic Geology for the preparation of this Data Collection Plan (DCP), to be initially implemented during the period June-August 1980 as described herein. This DCP applies to a test site in the Trans-Pecos region of Texas, one of five designated test sites within the state. Previously, a ground data collection plan had been prepared for the coastal test site (Finley, 1978), and a plan is in preparation for the High Plains test site.


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