Introduction of civil rights, civil liberties and social welfare legislation by U.S. Representatives in Texas




Geoffroy, Kyler

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In recent years, the media has tended to spotlight controversial legislation that (whether intended or not) limits access to public services and/or civil liberties. A prime example of this is the voter identification proposal, which has been introduced in many states, including Texas. These proposals, frequently introduced by Republican legislators, claim to combat voter fraud by requiring individuals to show photo identification at polling locations. Civil rights organizations, however, have come out strongly against these proposals, stating that voter ID is just a thinly veiled attempt at suppressing minority and low-income voter turnout. Attorney General Eric Holder has also weighed in on the issue, criticizing proposals such as voter ID as “partisan” tactics. But is there really a partisan element to the introduction of civil rights, social welfare, and civil liberties-related legislation? And what is the difference between the GOP and Democrats in terms of frequency and type of bill being introduced?



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