Solar in the Galapagos Islands: A Quantitative Analysis




Parker, Olivia

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This paper explores the current state of the grid and the problems facing the implementation of solar energy through the lens of the Galapagos Islands. The first part of this paper will cover the various problems associated with solar installation: including installation and maintenance, storage, public attitude, and cost. In addition, it will lay out the strengths of the region in the transition to green energy, as well as previous precedents that can be used in formulating a plan for energy transition. In Part II, potential solutions are presented, including publicly funded and public program scenarios with tourist fee funding, as well as a comparison of the three scenarios. The paper also addresses installation and maintenance solutions and various storage options, including alternative storage solutions, and presents an overall storage recommendation. Finally, the paper concludes with final thoughts on the feasibility of solar energy implementation in the studied areas.


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