The role of career goals in physical education teacher education faculty socialization




Knipe, Robert, Ph. D.

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Purpose: Through the lens of Occupational Socialization Theory, the purpose of this study was to explore the socialization of an early career PETE faculty member who adopted a professional goal of a career in higher education. Method: Using a retrospective case study design, a faculty member with two years of experience was selected using purposeful sampling (n = 1). Data sources included: semi-structured and unstructured interviews, critical incident accounts and document analysis. Results: The study yielded two themes across the five phases of socialization: (a) a care ethic was present within the participant, teachers and mentors, and (b) an achievement orientation shaped by his early life experiences pushes his goals to be ever expanding. Conclusions: The earlier career faculty member’s socialization framed the role of teacher and professor as a position rooted in care. Once the earlier career faculty member had set intentions of a career in higher education, the goal did not impact Connor’s engagement and effort in their current position of K-12 Inservice teacher.


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