Insight into Compressive Behaviour of Schwarz-P Lattices Fabricated by Material Extrusion

Jameekornkul, P.
Wang, J.
Panesar, A.
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Lattice structures are increasingly being chosen for lightweight applications due to their high strength- to-weight ratio and energy absorption capability. This work investigates the mechanical performance of the Schwarz-Primitive (SP) lattices with a range of unit-cell sizes and relative densities. The SP lattices were fabricated using material extrusion with ASA (industrial grade) and ABS material, then tested along different orientations to build direction. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) was utilised to measure the local strain and deformation mechanism. The preliminary results indicate that stiffness and strength were related to densities abiding the Ashby-Gibson model in well-controlled tight bands, which will help inform design decisions for future adoption. Further experiments will be conducted to extend the finding of this study, gain a better understanding of graded lattices and provide insights on the potential use of fibre reinforcement in lattices.