A technical and economic evaluation of CO₂ disposal from coal-fired power plants

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Sams, Bryan P.

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Energy and environmental concerns are often in conflict. However, there are opportunities for technological synergies that can decrease negative environmental impacts while increasing efficiencies in the worldwide quest for traditional energy resources. Increasing concentrations of anthropogenic CO₂ and other greenhouse gasses in the Earth's atmosphere are contributing to the natural greenhouse gas effect, possibly leading to changes in the Earth's climate. Meanwhile, the development of commercial CO₂ capture technologies, in concert with already-developed enhanced oil recovery methods, has tremendous potential to increase incremental oil production and limit the negative impacts of coal fired power generation. Capturing CO₂ from the flue gas and then disposing of it in mature oil reservoirs can achieve a significant reduction of greenhouse gases while providing an economic incentive to develop geologic sequestration that does not exist in the United States under current environmental regulations. This research describes geologic sequestration technologies and principles of economic feasibility. Ultimately, the retrofit and disposal process described throughout the text is not economic