Ostracod species distribution, Harbor Island area, Texas




Carew, James L.

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In a study of 82 samples from the Harbor Island area, Port Aransas, Texas, twenty-three species of Recent ostracods representing fifteen genera were recognized. The ostracod assemblage of each of the six physiographic environments sampled differs from that of every other environment. Because of the complexity of the area and the dynamic interaction of physical environmental factors, the influence of specific factors upon species distribution is almost impossible to ascertain. The environment with the largest numbers of ostracods is the unvegetated subtidal, and the environments with the most distinct ostracod assemblages are the vegetated subtidal, characterized by five statistically distinct taxa: Aurila floridana, Leptocythere nikraveshae, Loxoconcha matagordensis, Loxoconcha purisubrhomboidea, and ?Macrocypris, and the inlet margin shoal, an area on the edge of the island bordering Lydia Ann Channel, characterized by four statistically distinct taxa: Cytheromorpha paracastanea, Cytherura elongata, Hulingsina sulcata, Pumilocytheridea sp. aff. P. ayalai. The most abundant taxa found in the Harbor Island area are: Aurila floridana, Cyprideis ovata, Cytherura sp. aff. C. forulata, Cytherura radialirata, Cytherura sandbergi, Megacythere robusta, and Perissocytheridea sp.