Final Report for the FY17 Surface Casing Estimator Site Project

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The Surface Casing Estimator Site is a website that provides estimates of possible surface casing requirements for wells and related information. Work during FY17 for the Surface Casing Estimator Site project involved (1) scanning more than 4,850 geophysical logs of the Q-log library for 14 counties, (2) constructing digital data sets composed of geologic information that relates to estimating surface casing requirements and groundwater depths for 8 counties in West Texas, and (3) merging/programming the new data with the website's existing data. The Estimator Site provides information on elevations and depths for the top and base of fresh water; the base of usable-quality water; the base of underground sources of drinking water; and the top and base of critical water-bearing stratigraphic units, aquifer names, geophysical logs, and well locations. The FY17 work has enabled about 825 additional geophysical logs in 8 West Texas counties to be viewed through the Surface Casing Estimator Site.


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