Measurement Systems Comparison on Various Feature Sizes of FDM Parts

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Fly, David E.
Gradowski, Anita
Espalin, David
Winker, Rob
Rask, Josh

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University of Texas at Austin


12 identical FDM parts were produced in ABSM30, each having 16 features for replicated measurements. Half the features were positive (posts), half were negative (holes). Half of all features were rectangular, half were round. Two different CMMs with 1.5mm touch probes were compared, one CMM additionally used a laser, and manual measurements were taken with gauges and calipers. All features were measured using these 4 measurement systems. All measurements were compared against the theoretical feature size to generate a percent error value. The laser values were notably different than both probe values. The manual measurements were similar to one of the two CMM probes. Positive versus negative features were significantly different in 7 of 8 cases. Feature size and measurement error were inversely proportional. The largest features had the least amount of error in all cases while the features below 6mm had the most error and high variation.


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