Dance Repertory Theatre presents Move!: AdMortuous; March 5, 2015


Performance in the Oscar G. Brockett Theatre, UT-Austin.

AdMortuos. Choreography: Yacov Sharir. Media Design: Joao Beira. Media Design Collaborator: Rodrigo Carvacho. Lighting Design: Rachel Alulis. Costume Design: Kelsey Vidic. Composer/Sound Design: Bruce Pennycock. Viola: Olivia Davis. Piano: Jacob Dupree. Vocalist: Yago De Quay. Poetry: "AdMortuos" by Stephanie Pope, read by LaQuetta Carpenter. Production Manager: Amber Rose Wall. Rehearsal Assistant: Georgina Wilson. The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts, Department of Theatre & Dance presents Dance Repertory Theatre. Oscar G. Brockett Theatre. Artistic Directors: Charles O. Anderson, Andrea Beckham, and Yacov Sharir.