Evaluation of PROMETAL Technique for Application to Dies for Short Run Forgings

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Agarwal, Kuldeep
Mathur, Deepanker
Shiypuri, Rajiv
Lembo, John

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Manufacturing of hot forging dies required several steps such as acquisition of material block, shaping it for machining, rough machining the cavity, heat treating, finish machining, grinding and polishing. This process takes several months. Consequently for limited number of parts often required in aerospace industry, forging is being replaced by direct machining of parts. If the die lead times (administrative and manufacturing) could be reduced to weeks instead of months, forging process will become viable for short run forgings. This paper evaluates the PROMETAL technique for dies in forging of aluminum alloys. This evaluation includes frictional, heat transfer and strength characterization. Isothermal and non-isothermal ring tests together with FEM models are used to determine the interface behavior and its effect on metal flow.



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