Cultural trade within the Sino-Hollywood landscape : culture creation and the expansion of empire




Guerrero, Enrique Lightsey

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China and Hollywood have been on collision course for several years now, with the rise of the Chinese economy impacting the rest of the world and driving the Chinese film industry. The Chinese film industry is slowly growing in size and coming to rival Hollywood on a global scale. Through studying the effects the Chinese film industry has on Hollywood and Hollywood’s imprint on China and the Chinese film industry, I expand on the idea that Hollywood has created a cultural and media “empire” that spreads into China. Through the global flows of media, the creation of a media “empire”, and the dissection of the “global” brand of Hollywood, I posit that Hollywood has not only come to construct a new “empire” across the world, but that the Chinese film industry has aided in this process, and that through the blending of cultures creates a new “third” space



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