EvoLesson : creating and marketing a lesson planning application for standards-based education




Franco, Michael Joseph

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The principal objective of this report is to conceptualize and articulate a product plan for EvoLesson, a hosted application for supporting the implementation of the standards-based lesson cycle. EvoLesson is a lesson planning application that supports the creation of efficient, effective and aligned assessments and daily lesson plans without restricting teacher autonomy. EvoLesson's lesson design process creates shared resources for objective driven, backwards-planned lesson development that facilitates the creation of teacher-generated daily objective student mastery data. EvoLesson's mission is to provide public school teachers and administrators with a platform to find, create, edit and share lesson planning resources and generate student data to improve teacher effectiveness and drive student performance. EvoLesson was created as a means of solving the daily challenge teachers face in attempting to implement standards-based lesson plans effectively. EvoLesson's teacher centered design creates values for both teachers and administrators by offering the following lesson planning benefits to impact student achievement. EvoLesson addresses the critical need of providing teachers and administrators with essential resources to support effective planning and drive student achievement. EvoLesson is positioned to compete in the rapidly growing education technology market, with specific emphasis on the content and instructional support segments. This report outlines a comprehensive strategy for marketing EvoLesson to both teachers and school districts. EvoLesson's future role in providing critical support for the implementation of standards-based learning has wide-ranging education policy implications, including increased student performance, improved teacher quality, and data support for improved teacher evaluation methods. At the state level, the ability to aggregate daily objective student mastery data can provide quality data feedback on standards alignment and testing.



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