AI-Powered Augmented Reality Training for Metal Additive Manufacturing




Palomino, Donald
Bian, Shijie
Salcedo, Pedro
Navarro, Erick
Gopalaiah, Bharath
Otis4, Richard
Li, Bingbing

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Metal additive manufacturing (AM) training can cost a company the considerable amount of time, cost, and resources. To resolve this challenge, the NSF funded HyperSkill platform was applied to create an innovative, immersive training program that integrates AI-powered object detection and text recognition into a comprehensive digital twin of the metal AM machine operation. This immersive digital twin will support the delivery of just-in-time guidance to trainees while also monitoring their actions and providing contextual and personalized feedback to accelerate training, foster retention, and maximize transfer to the actual job. The augmented reality (AR) training supports the import of 3D assets, no-code authoring of workflows, standard operating procedures (SOP), step-by-step instructions, and delivery across a wide variety of AR devices. For this study, the specific metal AM operation is based on the Renishaw AM400 in both its full and reduced build volume (RBV) configuration.


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