The Conceptual Design of a Lightweight Compulsator-Driven Electromagnetic Accelerator

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Spann, M.L.
Pratap, S.B
Walls, W.A
Herbst, J.D.

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The development of light-weight pulsed power supplies which can deliver significant amounts of energy in a properly conditioned pulse has been an issue throughout the investigation of electromagnetic (EM) launchers and other areas of high-power physics research. Compensated pulsed alternators (compulsators) are low impedance alternators which are capable of producing currents in the MA range. In recent years it has become apparent that the compulsator is well suited for driving EM guns. The generators have the high energy density inherent in rotating machines, can supply repetitive pulses, and eliminate the need for the high-current opening switch required in homopolar generator driven systems. Ultimately, compulsator-driven EM gun systems may replace conventional chemical weapons. This paper describes the first attempt to design and fabricate a self-contained, compulsator-driven, portable EM gun system.


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M.L. Spann, S.B. Pratap, W.A. Walls, and J.D. Herbst, “The conceptual design of a lightweight compulsator-driven electromagnetic accelerator,” 6th IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, Arlington, VA, USA, June 29-July 1, 1987.