Method and apparatus for reverse-injection wet oxidation, sintered material catalytic reaction, sintered material filtration at supercritical conditions, sintered material gas separation, and high temperature pressurization

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Gloyna, Earnest F.
Li, Lixiong

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A system for effective utilization of reaction heat and in situ separation of solid and gaseous products in wet oxidation of waste and wastewater. This invention does not require special preheaters for preheating feed streams, therefore reducing the possibility of scale and char formation in the heat exchange zone. The cold feed stream is introduced into the reactor with part of the effluent which has been recycled through a high temperature pumping means to form a hot, near critical oxidant-containing mixture. The cold feed is directly heated up by the oxidant-containing mixture. The reaction mixture is separated by in situ crossflow filtration elements, including sintered material. Catalyzed reactions and sintered material gas separation are also described.



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