Realistic and naturalistic elements in Emilia Pardo Bazán's novels




Dannelley, Henry

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Many conservative Spaniards were shocked when Dona Emilia Pardo Bazán prefaced her second novel, Un viaje de novios, with a discussion in which she praised some of the methods and tenets of the French naturalistic school; some were so prejudiced against the movement in question that they never really understood that Pardo Bazán accepted only a part of the naturalistic doctrine. Indeed, she condemned certain features of the school in unequivocal terms, and her modified naturalism is little more than broadly-conceived realism. I have attempted to indicate in the following pages the extent of this French influence, and to distinguish between the realistic and naturalistic elements in Pardo Bazán's novels. In addition, I have endeavored to outline the development of her literary creed, which involves the gradual abandonment of naturalistic traits and a movement toward realism and a more varied manner