Early Tertiary Vertebrate Faunas Big Bend Area Trans-Pecos Texas: Simidectes (Mammalia insectivora)

Gustafon, Eric Paul
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Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin

Several specimens from the Buck Hill Group, Agua Fria area, Texas, represent Simidectes magnus, a species previously reported only from the Uinta Formation of Utah. Statistics of known specimens of Simidectes are inadequate to demonstrate the existence of more than one species in the Utah and Texas sections; S. medius may be a junior synonym of S. magnus. In the lower part of the'Section at Agua Fria, Simidectes occurs in the Whistler Squat local fauna of late Bridgerian or early Uintan age; in the upper part of the section it is found in association with an early Hyaenodon and the adapid primate Mahgarita stevensi.