Cahiers Centre St. Dominique/Cahiers Lumiere et Societe


Quarterly journal published by the brothers of the Dominicans of Canada in Rwanda and Burundi. Each issue is comprised of a number of articles on the same subject.



From Cahiers 03 (English): "As the name suggests, each edition of this review focuses on one subject. each time a dossier or a collection of articles on the same subject will be discussed from various but complementary scientific approaches. The new title 'Light and Society' which replaces the former 'Gospel and Society' avoids the apparent limit entailed by the term 'gospel' and maintains, at the same time, its idea. The implicit link between the two terms 'light and society' points to our wish that the Review participates to the search for light which must illuminate the right road our society has to keep in to be viable. ORIENTATION: This review aims at two objectives. the first is the level of reflection that must have the scientific nature in order to preserve the objectivity. The second objective is its social option. All reflections have to point at a common target: to help the leaders of our society. In addition of the analysis of the situations, these reflections much point to the high and lasting principles of references. For reasons of topicality and open-mindedness, each article can be written in one of the three official languages of the country: Kinyarwanda, French and English. For certain articles written in the last two languages, there will be a summary in Kinyarwanda." From Cahiers 01: "Notre 'vicariat du Rwanda et du Burundi' traverse, depuis quelques annees, une zone de turbulence liee a la situation sociopolitique de notre region. Dire une parole d'Evangile dans ce contexte exige une lecture correcte de cette situation. Par cette revue, avec tous les amis de notre communaute, nous allons essqyer, a longueur d'annees, de faire cette lecture de notre histoire actuelle avec les yeux de l'Evangile. Pour cela, cette revue s'assigne quelques objectifs: NATURE: Cette revue porte le nom: Cahiers Centre Saint-Dominique. Cette appellation exprime deux caracteristiques. La premiere est que le Centre Saint-Dominique en est le proprietaire juridique. Le titre complet que l'on a juge utile d'abreger est: les Cahiers du Centre Saint-Dominique. Le terme 'Cahiers' plutot que l'expression courante de 'revue' veut indiquer que chaque numero de la publication portera toujours sur un seul sujet. Il s'agira donc chaque fois d'un dossier, document, assemblage d'articles dont le lien est le meme objet materiel, aborde a partir d'horizons scientifiques differentes mais complementaires, c'est-a-dire l'objet formel."

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