Gallium arsenide : an industry of great promise and risk : a background and a strategic plan for a small company




Blagg, Howard Davis

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This paper was written for two purposes. First, this paper provided a great opportunity to research and then assimilate facts on a new and exciting technological area, gallium arsenide devices. Second, using the background material on gallium arsenide, this paper develops a strategy for a small, start-up firm in this industry. This paper combines many resources and viewpoints to come to a single strategy for a firm in a very risk industry. Chapter One contains an overview of gallium arsenide research and applications which have been developed so far. This chapter is in no way to be construed as original work. It is simply a summary and paraphrasing of articles, from certified experts in high technology areas, on gallium arsenide's future and present possibilities. Once this information was gathered, a strategic plan was then feasible to create. Chapters Two, Three, and Four are original work. These chapters construct a strategic plan using Michael E. Porter's five-part framework. This framework is well-recognized and widely used and was most recently described in Michael Porter's latest book, Competitive Advantage. These chapters analyze the industry, forecast trends, formulate a strategic plan and then highlight some key tactical points