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Faṭīn, ʻAbd al-Wahhāb
Imām, Ḥasan
Shaykh, Kamāl
Dhū al-Fiqār; Ṣalāḥ
Rustum, Hind
Shawqī, Farīd
Yūsuf, Ḥasan
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A dramatic work consists of three separated stories. The first was on Muḥsin who was looking for a flat. He desided to bring back the money paid for that flat. So, he became close to the owner's wife. She gave him a part of her jewels. But when he asked her for the rest, she refused. She caught him stealing her jewels. He was arrested. The second was on Fahmī who loved his sick wife so much. He left his job as a lorry driver when his wife had a heart attack. While returning home, he found that the bus driver was driving slowly, that made him driving that bus. The police chased him till he was arrested and his wife died before he could reach her. The last was on Ḥasan who lived with his two spinster aunts. He was looking for a flat to marry. His aunts refused to let him marry and live with them, because they were afraid from taking the flat for himself. He was thinking how to get rid of his aunt who had a lot of money. Finally he was arrested after a trick from that aunt.

Originally released as a motion picture by al-Sharikah al-ʻĀmmah li-Tawzīʻ wa-ʻArḍ al-Aflām al-Sīnīmāʼīyah, al-Qāhirah, [1966?]./ Partially viewed./ Sources used: videocassette container; Dalīl al-aflām fī al-qarn al-ʻishrīn, 2002, p. 436./ Participants: Hind Rustum, Ṣalāḥ Dhū al-Fiqār, Farīd Shawqī, Nabīlah ʻUbayd, Ḥasan Yūsuf, Nijmah Ibrāhīm.