Social media marketing for small businesses and organizations with an emphasis on Facebook




Gribbin, Meagan Elizabeth

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Social media is the fastest growing communication medium in history. Integrating it into a company’s marketing plan is becoming a necessity, regardless of the size of the company, for marketers to engage populations and promote their brands. This report is a comprehensive look into the implications of using these newer forms of communication for small businesses and organizations. In addition, there is an emphasis on using Facebook as a marketing tool because of its popularity and the capabilities it provides. First, the author will define the parameters of social media and take a brief look at the various platforms that exist. The report will then cover a more extensive overview of digital channels of communication as compared to traditional outlets as well as types of online marketing and advertising. Next the author will write about what all these new channels of communication can do and how small businesses and organizations can properly execute their own social media plans successfully as a way to interact with current and prospective customers. We will look at several examples of how the digital space has been used by other businesses and organizations including The University of Texas’ Advertising Department. The report will conclude with a look at criticisms, growing trends and the future of social media.




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