Presentation: Fighting Deadly Diseases: Strategies for Prediction and Containment




Environmental Science Institute
Meyers, Lauren Ancel

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Environmental Science Institute



Are you concerned about the bird flu? What would happen if a case appeared in the US? Emerging global public health challenges like bird flu and SARS require innovative methods to understand and control the spread of new diseases. Dr. Lauren A. Meyers will discuss how strategies for stopping the spread of deadly diseases can be developed by creating mathematical models of the transmission of diseases. Effective strategies for stopping the spread of deadly diseases involves building a realistic contact network, predicting the spread of disease through the network, and quantifying the impact of intervention. Understanding the frequency of each degree (the number of contacts between people that can lead to disease transmission) in the population and probability that an infected individual will transmit the disease to another individual can aid in predicting epidemics. Dr. Meyers will discuss the theory behind building realistic networks, predicting epidemics, and assessing control strategies such as quarantine, travel restrictions, and vaccinations. More information on the bird flu.

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