Energy Flow (Bond Graph) Dynamic Modeling of Cartesian-Frame FFF 3-D Printer Gantry

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Sharma, Maharshi A.
Patterson, Albert E.

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University of Texas at Austin


Energy flow (bond graph) modelling gives important information about the flow of energy to each component of a dynamic system and is especially useful for complex non-linear mechanical systems. This work presents a systematic development of a bond graph model of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printer gantry. The model incorporates structural and belt stiffness, damping and input torque. The model was checked for correctness and causality using the 20-SIM software. The model was further validated using MATLAB-Simulink using parameters obtained for an example printer characterized in a lab environment. The bond graph model gives a unique view into modelling of the extruder carriage dynamics in FFF and can be applied to specific problems. It will also give interesting information on the controllability and system integration of the printer hardware.


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