Migrantes no tienen alma, migrantes solo tienen pies : social challenges of returnee women in Guatemala




Alvarez Velez, Rosa Isela

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Scholarship on return migration has historically focused on the return experiences of men, lacking comparison and specificity on women’s experiences. This qualitative study of returnee women in Guatemala focuses on how their roles and identities as daughters, mothers, and retirees, influence their return and reintegration processes into Guatemalan society, as well as the way they make meaning of their experiences. However, regardless of generational status, returnee women face social challenges related to family separation, travel restrictions, judgments and social clashes, and family reintegration, which have a great impact on their health and well-being of their families. Finally, this thesis explores the ways the social work field can work to advocate for and provide necessary social services to help returnee women through their return and reintegration processes


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