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Gutierrez, Rafael Fernando, Jr.

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My work often experiments with context and its effect/affect on subjective experience. In this way, I am considering the way blackness influences technology and the production of images on the Internet and in real life. These inquiries have informed my interest in “animated GIFs”, glitch art, mimetic discourse, mixed reality performance, and augmented reality. I excavate software, digital applications and the Internet to reveal blackness as a copied and imitated form of contemporary culture. My artistic interest is anchored to signifiers of blackness that can be co-opted and divorced from ethnic significance and the performance of black identity. I like to think of my work as a way to consider the dual hyper-visibility and invisibility of the Black body through the transformative qualities of artificiality. I use appropriation to make new meaning through repositioning of forms and ideas thereby questioning the significance of originality. I think about how to move beyond the idea of originality and creating something original as formal strategies to create new meaning in new forms or context. I ask people to think about how images work on us and how images are used to indoctrinate and form biases. I use images as a language to accelerate this conversation. I am remixing history and giving agency to the images and content of the work. Currently I am using technology to perform without the constraints of the real world. I want to continue creating art outside of the art object. I experiment with appropriation of material memory through the use color book pages, memes, and photographs. I use these source materials as a performative scaffolding of contexts that shift between the highbrow and low brow, historical and contemporary as mediated through Internet cultures. I am specifically interested in the way these images are used as a container for history that seems to repeat itself. I look at appropriation as a collaboration needed in order to complete the work




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