The mountain and the stone: Reconstructing meaning in material choice at Maucallacta, Peru

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Earle, Julia Elizabeth

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In collaboration with the University of Warsaw’s Apu Coropuna Project and with the support of the National Geographic Society, I conducted a survey within a 30-kilometer radius of the site of Maucallacta, an administrative center established by the Inca Empire to maintain control over the surrounding area. The objective of this survey was to locate the sources of the stone used to build the structures at Maucallacta. My collaborator and I discovered that the site of Maucallacta is built upon a rough andesitic formation, with pink ignimbrite outcrops located above the site farther up the formation. However, the majority of the structures are built of a staggering assortment of stone – 29 variations in total – the vast majority of which is not found in the site’s immediate surroundings. This poster will describe the preliminary results of the survey and interpretations of significance of architectural material choices at Maucallacta.

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