Proceedings of Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design, FMCAD 2010

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Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design

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Table of Contents: Copyright -- Conference Organization -- Tutorials -- Dimensions in Program Synthesis / by Sumit Gulwani, Microsoft (p. 1) -- Verifying VIA Nano Microprocessor Components / by Warren Hunt, Centaur Technology (p. 3) -- Session 1. Invited Talk -- Embedded Systems Design - Scientific Challenges and Work Directions / by Joseph Sifakis, Verimag (p. 11) -- Session 2. Industrial Track - Case Studies -- Formal Verification of an ASIC Ethernet Switch Block / by B.A. Krishna and Anamaya Sullerey, Chelsio Communications; and Alok Jain, Cadence Design Systems (p. 13) -- Formal Verification of Arbiters using Property Strengthening and Underapproximations / by Gadiel Auerbach and Fady Copty, IBM Haifa; and Viresh Paruthi, IBM Systems & Technology Group (p. 21) -- SAT-Based Semiformal Verification of Hardware / by Sabih Agbaria, Dan Carmi, Orly Cohen, Dmitry Korchemny, Michael Lifshits, and Alexander Nadel, Intel (p. 25) -- DFT Logic Verification through Property Based Formal Methods - SOC to IP / by Lopamudra Sen, Amit Roy, Supriya Bhattacharjee, and Bijitendra Mittra, Interra Systems India; and Subir K. Roy, Texas Instruments India (p. 33) -- Session 3. Software Verification -- SLAM2: Static Driver Verification with Under 4% False Alarms / by Thomas Ball, Ella Bounimova, Rahul Kumar, and Vladimir Levin, Microsoft (p. 35) -- Precise Static Analysis of Untrusted Driver Binaries / by Johannes Kinder, Technische Universität Darmstadt; and Helmut Veith, Technische Universität Wien (p. 43) -- Verifying SystemC: A Software Model Checking Approach / by Alessandro Cimatti, Andrea Micheli, Iman Narasamdya, and Marco Roveri, FBK-irst (p. 51) -- Session 4. Decision Procedures -- Coping with Moore’s Law (and More): Supporting Arrays in State-of-the-Art Model Checkers / by Jason Baumgartner, Michael Case, and Hari Mony, IBM Systems & Technology Group (p. 61) -- CalCS: SMT Solving for Non-Linear Convex Constraints / by Pierluigi Nuzzo, Alberto Puggelli, Sanjit A. Seshia, and Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, University of California Berkeley (p. 71) -- Integrating ICP and LRA Solvers for Deciding Nonlinear Real Arithmetic Problems / by Sicun Gao, NEC Labs America and Carnegie Mellon University; Malay Ganai, NEC Labs America; Franjo Ivančić, NEC Labs America; Aarti Gupta, NEC Labs America; Sriram Sankaranarayanan, University of Colorado at Boulder; and Edmund M. Clarke, Carnegie Mellon University (p. 81) -- Session 5. Synthesis -- A Halting Algorithm to Determine the Existence of Decoder / by Sheng Yu Shen, Ying Qin, JianMin Zhang, and SiKun Li, National University of Defense Technology (p. 91) -- Synthesis for Regular Specifications over Unbounded Domains / by Jad Hamza, ENS Cachan; Barbara Jobstmann, CNRS/Verimag; and Viktor Kuncak, EPFL (p. 101) -- Automatic Inference of Memory Fences / by Michael Kuperstein, Technion; Martin Vechev, IBM Research; and Eran Yahav, IBM Research & Technion (p. 111) -- Session 6. Industrial Track -- Applying SMT in Symbolic Execution of Microcode / by Anders Franzén, FBK-irst and DISI-University of Trento; Alessandro Cimatti, FBK-irst; Alexander Nadel, Intel Israel; Roberto Sebastiani, DISI-University of Trento; and Jonathan Shalev, Intel Israel (p. 121) -- Automated Formal Verification of Processors Based on Architectural Models / by Ulrich Kühne, ENS Cachan; Sven Beyer, OneSpin Solutions; Jörg Bormann, Abstract RT Solutions; and John Barstow, Infineon Technologies (p. 129) -- Encoding Industrial Hardware Verification Problems into Effectively Propositional Logic / by Moshe Emmer and Zurab Khasidashvili, Intel Israel; Konstantin Korovin and Andrei Voronkov, University of Manchester (p. 137) -- Session 7. Hardware and Protocol Verification -- Combinatorial Techniques for Sequential Equivalence Checking / by Hamid Savoj and David Berthelot, Envis Corporation; Alan Mishchenko and Robert Brayton, University of California Berkeley (p. 145) -- Automatic Verification of Estimate Functions with Polynomials of Bounded Functions / by Jun Sawada, IBM Austin (p. 151) -- A Framework for Incremental Modelling and Verification of On-Chip Protocols / by Peter Böhm, Oxford University (p. 159) -- Modular Specification and Verification of Interprocess Communication / by Eyad Alkassar, Saarland University; Ernie Cohen and Mark Hillebrand, European Microsoft Innovation Center; and Hristo Pentchev, Saarland University (p. 167) -- Session 8. Invited Talk -- Large-Scale Application of Formal Verification from Fiction to Fact / by Viresh Paruthi, IBM Systems & Technology Group (p. 175) -- Session 9. Abstraction -- A Single-Instance Incremental SAT Formulation of Proof- and Counterexample-Based Abstraction / by Niklas Een and Alan Mishchenko, University of California Berkeley; and Nina Amla, Cadence Research Laboratory (p. 181) -- Predicate Abstraction with Adjustable-Block Encoding / by Dirk Beyer and M. Erkan Keremoglu, Simon Fraser University; and Philipp Wendler, University of Passau (p. 189) -- Modular Bug Detection with Inertial Refinement / by Nishant Sinha, NEC Research Labs (p. 199) -- Path Predicate Abstraction by Complete Interval Property Checking / by Joakim Urdahl, Dominik Stoffel, Jörg Bormann, Markus Wedler, and Wolfgang Kunz, University of Kaiserslautern (p. 207) -- Session 10. SAT and QBF -- Relieving Capacity Limits on FPGA-Based SAT-Solvers / by Leopold Haller, Oxford University; and Satnam Singh, Microsoft Research (p. 217) -- Boosting Minimal Unsatisfiable Core Extraction / by Alexander Nadel, Intel Israel (p. 221) -- Propelling SAT and SAT-Based BMC using Careset / by Malay K. Ganai, NEC Laboratories America (p. 231) -- Efficiently Solving Quantified Bit-Vector Formulas / by Christoph M. Wintersteiger, ETH Zurich; Youssef Hamadi, Microsoft Research; and Leonardo de Moura, Microsoft Research (p. 239) -- Session 11. Verification of Concurrent Systems -- Boosting Multi-Core Reachability Performance with Shared Hash Tables / by Alfons Laarman, Jaco van de Pol, Michael Weber, University of Twente (p. 247) -- Incremental Component-Based Construction and Verification using Invariants / by Saddek Bensalem and Marius Bozga, Verimag Laboratory; Axel Legay, INRIA/IRISA; Thanh-Hung Nguyen, Joseph Sifakis, and Rongjie Yan, Verimag Laboratory (p. 257) -- Verifying Shadow Page Table Algorithms / by Eyad Alkassar, Saarland University; Ernie Cohen and Mark Hillebrand, European Microsoft Innovation Center; Mikhail Kovalev and Wolfgang J. Paul, Saarland University (p. 267) -- Exhibition -- Impacting Verification Closure Using Formal Analysis / by Massimo Roselli (p. 271) -- Scalable and Precise Program Analysis at NEC / by Gogul Balakrishnan, Malay K. Ganai, Aarti Gupta, Franjo Ivančić, Vineet Kahlon, Weihong Li, Naoto Maeda, Nadia Papakonstantinou, Sriram Sankaranarayanan (University of Colorado at Boulder), Nishant Sinha, and Chao Wang, NEC Laboratories America (p. 273) -- Achieving Earlier Verification Closure Using Advanced Formal Verification / by Michael Siegel, OneSpin Solutions (p. 275) -- PINCETTE - Validating Changes and Upgrades in Networked Software / by Hana Chockler, IBM Israel (p. 277) -- Author Index
20-23 October, 2010 in Lugano, Switzerland

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