Photothermal Bleaching of Nickel Dithiolene for Bright Multi-colored 3D Printed Parts

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Olubummo, Adekunle
Zhao, Lihua
Hartman, Aja
Tom, Howard
Zhao, Yan
Wycoff, Kyle

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University of Texas at Austin


HP’s Multi Jet Fusion is a powder bed fusion 3D printing technology that utilizes a carbon-based radiation absorber in combination with a near infrared (NIR) light source to facilitate the fusion of polymer powder in a layer-by-layer fashion to generate 3D parts. Most available carbon-based and NIR radiation absorbers have an intrinsic dark color, which as a result will only produce black/gray and dark colored parts. However, there are many applications that require variable color, including prosthetics, medical models, and indicators, among others. To create white, bright colored, and translucent parts with MJF, a visibly transparent and colorless radiation absorber is required. In this paper, we designed an activating fusing agent (AFA) that contains a red, strong NIR absorbing dye that turns colorless after harvesting irradiation energy during the MJF 3D printing process and provide a bright colored part when working with other color agents.


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