Binderless Jetting: Additive Manufacturing of Metal Parts via Jetting Nanoparticles

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Bai, Yun
Williams, Christopher B.

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University of Texas at Austin


Binder Jetting AM has been used to fabricate metal parts by first jetting a binder into powder bed; the resulting green part is then thermally post-processed wherein the binder is removed and the metal particles are sintered. In this work, the authors replace conventionally-used polymeric binders with nanoparticle suspensions as a means for binding metal powder bed particles together. After being deposited into the powder particles’ interstices, the jetted nanoparticles are sintered at a low temperature via a heated powder bed to provide strength to the printed green part. Regions of the powder bed that do not receive the jetted nanoparticle suspension remain as loose powder as the sintering temperature of the nanoparticles is significantly lower than the larger powder bed particles. The concept of printing metal by jetting a nanoparticle binder made of the same material is demonstrated in the context of copper through printing copper parts with satisfactory green strength.


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