The multiple-list textbook law and its relation to the needs of local school communities as exemplified in the state of Texas



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The immediate and primary problem of this study is to ascertain whether the Texas multiple-list textbook law, enacted in 1925, so operates as to provide textbook subject matter adapted to local needs. A multiple list textbook law may affect education in any community in three distinct ways: (1) by limiting the subjects offered in the different grades; (2) by circumscribing the selection of basic textbook subject matter best adapted to the local school and community; and (3) by hindering or helping the teacher in the organization and method of presenting subject matter. These possibilities suggested three further problems to be considered in this study: First, does the Texas multiple-list law limit the local community in determining the subjects offered in the different grades? Second, does the law hinder or aid teachers in selecting basic materials in accordance with their own plans of teaching? Third, does the law afford the opportunity to select basic text books best adapted to the needs of the local school community?