Analysis of Powder Removal Methods for EBM Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Parts

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Lopes, Amit J.
Ramos, Luis C.
Saenz, David
Morton, Philip
Terrazas, Cesar A.
Choudhuri, Ahsan
Wicker, Ryan

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University of Texas at Austin


Additive Manufacturing (AM) allows the creation of complex geometries that are not achievable through subtractive manufacturing. Regardless of the advantages that 3D Printing offers, technology limitations often constraints the desired geometry. When fabricating Ti-6Al4V parts in Electron Beam Powder Bed Fusion (EBPBF), the electron beam is used to preheat the powder bed to maintain the desired temperature gradient during the build. One disadvantage of EBPBF during the fabrication process is the trapped powder within internal channels gets partially sintered and require extra processing. This research analyzes several powder removal methods and compares their effectiveness. This work utilizes two types of samples, both made of Ti-6Al4V in EBPBF; with geometries that resemble typical features when designing a component. The target weight of each cylinder is calculated based on dimensions and effective density of the sample. The results summarizing the effectiveness of each method are presented.


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