Barriers in Access to Transplantation in Central Texas (BATCT)




Adler, Joel T.
Upshaw, Sean J.

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Why engage with ESKD in central Texas? Our adult kidney transplant program opened at the University of Texas at Austin and Dell Seton Medical Center in November 2021 with the goal of delivering equitable, world-class, and evidence-based care to all people of central Texas. As we grow and learn how to best serve our community, our abdominal transplant program at the University of Texas at Austin is uniquely positioned to study, address, and counteract local disparities via patient-centered research. Core questions: To identify innovative, patient-centered solutions that advance equity, we used our IC2 funding to launch a parallel mixed-methods study to ask the following core questions about ESKD in central Texas: What are the social determinants of health that most strongly impact access to primary, nephrology, andtransplant care? What are the barriers and facilitators of being referred and evaluated for kidney transplantation? How and to what extent can we better identify and serve patients of an underserved or marginalizedcommunity that would benefit from transplantation services? What does equity in access to transplantation mean to patients with ESKD and their caregivers?


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