Evaluating a safety campaign as a form of renewal

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Crace, Ryan Douglas

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This study is an evaluative case study of the Be Safe campaign at the University of Texas at Austin. It measured the campaign’s outcome goals, which were to foster intentions to engage in safety behaviors, engage in conversations about safety, think about their safety, and feelings of renewal from the campaign. Correlations between feelings of renewal and the campaign’s outcome goals were measured. In this study, feelings of renewal are described as feeling positive and optimistic about campus safety as well as not looking back on past crises. This definition of renewal is crafted from the discourse of renewal literature. This study compared different message features of forty-three posters developed by the campaign. Posters were categorized into two types (posters with text-only and posters with text and visual components), and into three themes that promoted different safety behaviors. This study found that roughly half of the participants were familiar with the campaign, and those who were familiar with the campaign tended to view the campaign positively. This study also found that posters that contained only contained a textual element outperformed posters that contained a visual element along with a textual element on measures of intentions to change safety behaviors, intentions to engage in conversations about safety, intentions to think about safety, and understandability of the poster. Lastly, participants reported being optimistic and forward-looking about campus safety, but not avoiding looking back on past crises. The study contributes to theory by using discourse of renewal literature to develop a scale to measure renewal. The study contributes to practice by providing information on a unique safety campaign.


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