Verification of piezoresistive and piezoelectric properties in 2D transition-metal dichalcogenide PtSe2 and PtTe2 materials




Ko, Justin Sanghyeok

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Transition-metal dichalcogenide (TMD) materials have promising properties that make them suitable for wearable bioelectronics and biosensors. Specifically, the Platinum based TMD materials, PtSe2 and PtTe2, can be fabricated at low temperatures, allowing for growth on flexible substrates, such as polyimide film. Exploration of piezoresistivity and piezoelectricity in PtSe2 and PtTe2 can enable more applications for the novel 2D material. This report focuses on the experimental setup and results for the verification of the piezoresistive and piezoelectric property in PtSe2 and PtTe2. The piezoresistivity experiment focuses on the change in resistance in the material due to strain induced by bending using a two-point bending fixture. In the piezoelectricity experiment, samples are put in a periodic strain at 2 Hz with the voltage response of the material being measured using a digital oscilloscope. An analysis of the experimental results is discussed along with a proposal for further applications for using piezoelectric materials as energy-harvesting elements of the next-generation bioelectronics.


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