The Feasibility of Using Digitally Processed Landsat Data to Determine Coastal Inundation Frequency




Baumgardner, Jr., Robert W.

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The purpose of this feasibility study was to determine if Landsat data could be used to determine the level and frequency of inundation of Texas' coastal areas. The presence of seawater is an important criterion in the legal definition of a coastal wetland. Seawater is defined by the Coastal Wetland Acquisition Act 33.231, Subchapter G, as water with a concentration of 1/20 of one percent or more by weight of total dissolved inorganic salts. To adequately define a coastal wetland, it is necessary to know which coastal areas are covered by seawater at times other than, and in addition to, during storms or hurricanes. This preliminary research effort was limited to the use of Landsat computer-compatible tapes (CCTs) on hand at the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) for which Band 5 transparencies or prints were also available. Two study areas (see fig. 1) were selected that had different land/water boundaries on Landsat images from different dates (see figs. 2, 3).


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