Modeling the Csr System and BarA/UvrY Two Component System (TCS) in response to stress




Joseph, Isabella

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The Carbon Storage Regulatory System (Csr) in Escherichia coli is a model posttranscriptional regulatory network that includes four components: CsrA protein, CsrB and CsrC noncoding RNAs, and CsrD protein. This system is important to study as it has a wide reach in controlling other regulatory networks throughout E. coli and is necessary for stress responses. The Carbon Storage Regulatory System responds to external stimuli through the BarA/UvrY Two Component System (TCS). The BarA/UvrY TCS is composed of a histidine kinase, BarA and a response regulator, UvrY, and are primarily connected to the Csr system, as the two proteins serve as a transcriptional activator of CsrB and CsrC. The goal for this project is to understand and computationally model how the Csr and TCS system interact in response to extracellular metabolites. Results of the computational model developed show that incorporating the TCS system allows for quicker response times and could potentially account for the differences in Csr system component concentrations observed in literature. Experimental validation of model with in vivo results is required to verify the accuracy of the model. This project is one of the first that works on computationally linking the external metabolite stimuli to the Csr system and could pave the way for advances in the engineering of bacterial genetic circuitry.


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