A Comparison of Methods for Online Lever Arm Estimation in GPS/INS Integration




Montalbano, Nick
Humphreys, Todd E.

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A comparison of neural network, state augmentation, and multiple model-based approaches to online location of inertial sensors on a vehicle is presented that exploits dualantenna carrier-phase-differential GNSS. The best technique among these is shown to yield a significant improvement on a priori calibration with a short window of data. Estimation of Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) parameters is a mature field, with state augmentation being a strong favorite for practical implementation, to the potential detriment of other approaches. A simple modification of the standard state augmentation technique for determining IMU location is presented that determines which model of an enumerated set best fits the measurements of this IMU. A neural network is also trained on batches of IMU and GNSS data to identify the lever arm of the IMU. A comparison of these techniques is performed and it is demonstrated on simulated data that state augmentation outperforms these other methods.


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Nick Montalbano, and Todd E. Humphreys "A Comparison of Methods for Online Lever Arm Estimation in GPS/INS Integration," in Proceedings of the IEEE/ION PLANS Meeting, Monterey, CA, 2018.