Going public for small corporations : a service company examined




Gershen, Barnett Leonard

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"The objective of this report ... is to isolate the major factors that must be considered before a small service organization should venture into the public market. The first three chapters will primarily consist of a survey of the literature in which a summary of the existing theory will appear. This survey will attempt to emphasize the important characteristics of the entrepreneur, his business and the markets that hold the most promise for him. Also, the various methods of public offerings will be examined and their inherent advantages and disadvantages discussed. The fourth and fifth chapters will present a case study in which a real-world application of these principles will take place. First the industry in general will be discussed. Then, the Associated Building Services Company will be examined and evaluated using the criteria derived from the literature. The information sources will therefore be primary ones--interviews with company owners, accountants, lawyers, etc."--From Introduction.