Review of the Geology and Hydrology of the Eagle Flat Area, Hudspeth County, Texas

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On February 27, 1991, the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority requested that the Bureau of Economic Geology perform a preliminary review of the geology and hydrology of the Eagle Flat area in eastern Hudspeth County, Texas. The purpose of this review was to briefly summarize what is known about the geology and hydrology of the area from a survey of the published literature, to conduct a field reconnaissance of the area, and to comment on factors that the Authority may want to consider in its general assessment of the suitability of the area as a host for a repository for low-level radioactive wastes. Recent maps of land ownership indicate that the State does not own any sections in the main Eagle Flat area, although the State does retain an interest in the mineral rights on some sections. To minimize upstream drainage, avoid drainage basins that flow to the Rio Grande, and maximize the potential for thick basin-fill deposits, the portion of Eagle Flat that lies southeast of the road to Grayton Lake, west of the drainage divide between Grayton Lake and Eagle Flat Draw, and between the Texas and Pacific and Southern Pacific railroad tracks, has been indicated as an area of potential interest. For the purposes of this report, this block of land is referred to as the "Eagle Flat site." The Eagle Flat site is shown on the Grayton Lake 7.5-minute quadrangle topographic map published by the U.S. Geological Survey.


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