Considerations of internal void generation process by observation of melting and solidification behavior in low temperature laser sintering of PEEK

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University of Texas at Austin


Laser sintering of PEEK performed below the crystallization temperature has been achieved in previous study by low temperature process that anchors the part to a rigid base plate to suppress warpage during processing. However, significant surface roughness and large internal voids are sometimes generated in the parts built by low temperature process, and there are problems in stability of parts quality. The purpose of this study is to contribute to quality improvement of laser sintering of PEEK by low temperature process. It was attempted that clarify the process of surface roughness and void generation by observing the melting and solidification behavior of the material during process with a video camera. From these observation results, it was assumed that the amount of volume change from powder to liquid due to melting and the amount of shrinkage due to solidification affect part quality such as surface roughness and internal voids.


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