Design of a 600 MW Pulsed Air-Core Compulsator

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Kitzmiller, J. R.
Faidley, R. W.
Fuller, R. L.
Headifen, R.N.
Pratap, S. B.
Spann, M. L.
Thelen, R. F.

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The Center for Electromechanics at The University of Texas at Austin (CEM-UT) is currently in the manufacturing phase of a laboratory based small caliber electromagnetic (EM) launcher and air core compensated pulsed alternator (compulsator) power supply. The two pole, self-excited compulsator features significant component design advances which will allow operation at considerably higher energy (12.3 kJ/kg) and power densities than previously demonstrated. To accomplish this, the generator design features broad use of the current state of the art in materials solid state switching components, and extensive computer modeling. For example, the compulsator features a multilayer composite rotor operating at a tip speed of 530 m/s, silicon nitride ceramic shaft, and silicon nitride rolling element bearings mounted in stationary hydrostatic bearing dampers. Designed specifically for drivmg a small bore augmented railgun, the 750-kg compulsator will operate at 2.2 kV and provide a salvo of current pulses peaking at 386 kA during each discharge cycle. This paper describes the final design and predicted operating characteristics of the compulsator system. Overall system performance parameters are reported, including results from the optimization code used to aid in the design of the compulsator system. A system design overview is presented with emphasis on new materials and state of the art machine components to be used for the first time in a compulsator.


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J.R. Kitzmiller, et al., “Design of a 600 MW pulsed air-core compulsator,” International Conference on Electrical Machines, 1990.