Consolidation of Geologic Studies of Geopressured-Geothermal Resources in Texas

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Ewing, T. E.
Light, M. P. R.
Tyler, N.

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This is the final report to be submitted to the Department of Energy under the Consolidated Geothermal contract (DE-AC08-79ET21208) with the Bureau of Economic Geology. The report contains two sections. Section I presents the conclusions of work under the "Resource Assessment and Seismic Studies" project topic. It ties together the prospect and study areas described previously with a regional statistical survey of fault compartments. Section II reports the conclusions of the "Synthesis of Data" project topic. New vitrinite reflectance and hydrocarbon data are combined with previous information to yield a revised theory of fluid migration and temperature history in the vicinity of the Pleasant Bayou test-well site.

In addition, the project topic of "Environmental Monitoring" has been concluded, under separate subcontractors' reports. Seismic monitoring under subcontract to Teledyne Geotech was completed, and a final report was submitted (Mauk and others, 1984). A variety of significant events were detected, but it is difficult to assign causes to them. At the request of the U.S. Department of Energy, the Bureau subcontracted with the Meyer Group to conduct a first-order releveling of the Pleasant Bayou site to update and replace the 1978 baseline study. The work was performed in the summer of 1984, and a final report prepared in October 1984 was transmitted to the Bureau of Economic Geology and then to the U.S. Department of Energy (Meyer Group, 1984). Interpretation of the results of this study is funded under the current geopressured geothermal research contract, along with new studies of environmental effects such as modeling of subsidence and fault reactivation, and production of liquid hydrocarbons from the geothermal test wells.

All other topics of the expired contract, including Sandstone Consolidation, salinity, and Reservoir Continuity, have been fully documented in previous annual reports (Morton and others, 1983; Ewing and others, 1984), as well as Bureau and outside publications.


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