Lone Star imPRESSions: A History of Small Press in Texas




Cota, Mitch William

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Welcome. I believe that small press publishing is a force in Texas, and this exhibit is my way of honoring that. There have been so many different small presses to exist throughout Texas history that I could spend years collecting that information. So I decided to create an exhibit that highlights some of the oldies and some of the new players on the block. The exhibit is not a comprehensive history, but its a window into a history that is diverse and rich. If you are looking to read further on small press, check out my exhibit catalog at guides.lib.utexas.edu/utpc/currentexhibit. I have taken the liberty of providing additional details about each press, adding some others that couldn’t quite fit the exhibit, and providing submission details on each press for those of you looking to publish. I hope you enjoy the exhibit. Welcome to the hard work and perseverance that is Texas small press!

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