Intersections: Women's and Gender Studies in Review across Disciplines




University of Texas at Austin

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Table of Contents: ESSAYS -- Men as Students in Women's Studies / by Kyle Brillante (p. 7-13) -- A Woman Needs Two Countries / by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta (p. 14) -- Narratives of Everyday Resistance and Politics of Feminist Self-Representation in Faima Mernissi's Dreams of Trespass / by Nandini Dhar (p. 15-33) -- Prosecuting Juveniles: Gender Bias in Juvenile and Criminal Courts / by Meredith G.F. Worthen (p. 34-45) -- Thirty / by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta (p. 46) -- Rapunzel / by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta (p. 46) -- The Way North: A Documentary about Maghrebi Immigrant Women in Marseille, France / by Shara K. Lange and Thuy-Van Vu (p. 47-59) -- BOOK REVIEWS -- Gloria González-López, Erotic Journeys: Mexican Immigrants and their Sex Lives / by Chauntelle Anne Tibbals (p. 60-62) -- Maureen Sullivan, The Family of Woman: Lesbian Mothers, their Children, and the Undoing of Gender / by Corinne E. Reczek (p. 62-64) -- COMMUNITY CORNER -- A Doorway Instead of a Wall: The Gender and Sexuality Center and Feminist Community at UT / by Lisa L. Moore (p. 65-66) -- There is No Superwoman: Myths, Realities and Women Politicians / by Sherri Greenberg (p. 67-70) -- Contributors (p. 71) -- Last Look / by Rebecca Moody (p. 72-73)


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