Development of Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing Systems for Embedded Electronics

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University of Texas at Austin


Hybrid additive manufacturing (AM) to integrate discrete material systems and structures in a monolithic part is a growing research interest. The layer-by-layer deposition system of the AM build process allows users to integrate multiple materials using custom made tools added to the gantry systems. State of the art machine development efforts are highly focused on thermoplastic based material extrusion systems. Compared to the significantly matured thermoplastic material extrusion AM system, thermoset systems are not well positioned in the market due to the lack of integrated tooling. This research develops a wire deposition tool that is designed to embed wire in a photocurable thermoset. Thermoset is relatively stable and does not require heat for implanting wire. The proposed design method has a more rapid production rate as the extrusion process can be conducted without any interruptions. The final design was manufactured in PLA with a traditional FDM machine allowing multiple design iterations to be made quickly. The final design will be printed on an SLA machine for more accurate, robust parts.


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