First Year Hindi Course Part One




van Olphen, Herman

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Hindi Urdu Flagship




This book (part 1) is for use in the first semester of a university-level Hindi course after completion of the introductory book, Hindi Praveshika. Tapes are available for use with the book.(4 audio cassettes, catalog no. HN- 0-5). In addition, supplementary exercises are included in a separate looseleaf workbook. The book is divided into six parts. Each part is introduced with a conversation from Conversational Hindi-Urdu by John J. Gumperz and June Rumery with A.B. Singh and C.M. Nairn, Berkeley, California, 1962 (Roman edition), Radha Krishna Prakashan, Delhi, 1966 (Devanagari edition). In addition, each lesson includes a Hindi film song and a translation with brief grammar explanations, most of which are given in a more expanded form in subsequent grammar sections. In achieving the goal of proficiency in all skills in Hindi, it is highly recommended that additional authentic materials be used to supplement this book. For this purpose, there is a series distributed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), 6 Executive Plaza, Yonkers, N.Y. 10701-6801. The materials suitable for students using this book are Authentic Materials for Developing Reading Comprehension in Hindi (1992) and Listening Comprehension in Hindi--Novice Level, Intermediate Level (1993-with accompanying videotape). The materials are distributed in loose-leaf from so that teachers can choose those portions that they wish to use.

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