Intersections: Women's and Gender Studies in Review across Disciplines




University of Texas at Austin

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Table of Contents: Introduction / by Christine Williams (p. 13-14) -- Self as Diasporic Body: Hung Liu's Self-Portrait Resident Alien / by Dong Li Isbister (p. 15-25) -- Brass Chicks and Drummer Girls: Performing Gender within the University Marching Band / by Kimberly Marshall (p. 26-39) -- Revealing and Revolting: Homosexual and Transgender Panic in Two Australian Films / by Joanna McIntyre (p. 40-52) -- White Power, White Desire: Racialized Consumption in Nineteenth-Century Spanish Orientalist Painting / by Michelle Pauken (p. 53-66) -- Queering Passing: An Exploration of Passing among GLBQ Individuals / by Rachel Verni (p. 67-81) -- The Politics of Space: Sexual Subjectivity and the College Dorm / by Kevin Duong (p. 82-94) -- Artwork / by Ulises García (p. 95-97) -- Artwork / by Cristal García (p. 98-99) -- Artwork / by Thryn Albin (p. 100-103) -- Contributors (p. 104-105) -- Call for Papers (p. 106)


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