Generation planning using Screening Curve Method




Zhang, Tong, active 2013

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The Screening Curve Method (SCM) is an intuitive and fast model that estimates the least-cost generation mix for generation planning purposes. As an approximation method, it calculates an optimized generation mix within a few seconds, but, in its original form, lacks many detailed considerations of the generation system. In order to improve SCM, many developments had been made in recent years. However, there were still some limitations to the SCM when compared to mathematical optimization models. Features like unit commitment, outage issues, ancillary services, and existing generation capacity were not considered in the SCM model. This dissertation proposes approaches targeted to solving these drawbacks. In addition, the basics of SCM and the cost definitions are discussed to prepare for the proposed new approaches. Finally, numerical calculations are performed on a real system case (ERCOT 2030) to illustrate the performance of the proposed models. We compare our simulation result with commercial software (PLEXOS) to demonstrate the effectiveness of the improved SCM.


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